Cookie policy:

Cookies are small text files that are used by websites to make the user experience more efficient.

This website uses cookies. No cookies are used for user profiling, nor are any other tracking methods employed.

Use is made of session (non-persistent) cookies strictly limited to what is necessary for the safe and efficient navigation of the sites. The storage of session cookies in terminals or browsers is under the user’s control, whereas on the servers, at the end of HTTP sessions, information relating to cookies remains recorded in the service logs, with a retention period of no more than seven days in any case, in the same way as other browsing data.

About the use of cookies other than session cookies, please note that the holder has activated the following functions for data anonymisation:

  • For statistical monitoring purposes, the Google Analytics service with anonymised IP is used. This Google Analytics integration anonymises the user’s IP address, thus not allowing the user’s identity to be traced. In this regard, Google states on its website: ‘Every computer and device connected to the Internet is assigned an IP (Internet Protocol) address. IP addresses are generally assigned in blocks according to country, so they can often be used to identify the country, province and city from which a computer connects to the Internet. Since websites must use IP addresses for the Internet to function properly, website owners have access to the IP addresses of their visitors, whether they use Google Analytics or not. Google Analytics uses IP addresses to ensure the security of the service and to tell website owners where their visitors come from (‘IP geolocation method’). Google Analytics does not share IP address data with customers. In addition, by using the IP address masking method, website owners using Google Analytics have the option of setting the programme to use only part of the IP address for geolocation’. It should also be noted that the privacy policy of Google Analytics can be consulted on Google’s website (as of today on the following webpage: – it is possible that Google will change the link indicated by inserting the data on another webpage).
  • for viewing youtube videos, the owner’s site has activated the advanced privacy mode, so the owner’s site can embed youtube videos without using cookies and thus without monitoring viewing behaviour. The activation of the advanced privacy mode is characterised by the words youtube-nocookies. It should be noted that even in this advanced mode, if the user clicks or touches a point outside the embedded content and is redirected to another website or app, that website or app may monitor his or her behaviour according to its own terms and rules.


This information does not concern other sites, pages or online services that can be reached through hypertext links that may be published on the site but which refer to resources outside the domain of Telos Management Consulting S.r.l. Unipersonale.


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