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We are a consulting, training and research company formed by the joint action of professional consultants with highly qualified personal experiences in the Healthcare and Lifescience sectors.
Our goal is to help healthcare, pharma and medical device organizations improve their competitiveness by promoting a different way of approaching work, innovating processes and enhancing human capital.
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The experience gained in recent years has enabled us to become one of the few facilities with such specific and in-depth knowledge of the Healthcare and Lifescience sector Healthcare e Lifescience to understand and manage the challenges and risks faced by companies, and to provide the best assistance at all stages of the value chain.

Thanks to its many years of commitment and experience, Telos Management Consulting represents the main interlocutor for companies in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector for the implementation of Lean Management, Organizational Development and Human Resources Management strategies.

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Telos Management Consulting provides concrete operational supports in the areas of:

"We believe that the success and competitiveness of any organization is a game played within a dynamic environment based on the development of an organizational strategy consistent with the business strategy."
Lean Healthcare Award 2023
“Gli oscar della Sanità”

Sixth edition of the Lean Health Award, the event aimed at the best reorganization projects in the Healthcare and Lifescience world.
The competition is organized by Fiaso, Federsanità Anci, Aiop, Telos Management Consulting and University of Siena with the sponsorship of Farmindustria, Confindustria Dispositivi Medici, IN.GE.SAN, ANMDO, AOPI.

Public and Private Healthcare companies and companies belonging to the Pharma and Medical device sectors can participate This edition offers the possibility for projects to compete in three different categories: already implemented Lean projects (Lean Projects), project ideas that have just been started (Lean Ideas), and the Lean approach of one’s own Company (Lean Company)

Within the categories, it will be possible to submit projects within a plurality of subject areas, as lean methodology emerges as a key strategic asset from which to address different paths and sectors and rethink the Healthcare of tomorrow.

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